Kas ir nabassaites asins bankas uzņēmumi

Cord Blood bank is a confusing issue. Many parents get bombarded with information when looking to decide if cord blood banking is right for them. There may be information that private wire blood banking companies, like Wire and Viacord Bloodstream Registry, will not let you know, until now.  

At Americord, we believe in informed options and in sharing important information to help you create the best choice for your growing family.

These true point you should know regarding cord blood banking :

  • Cord blood cannot be used if the donor (baby) contains the same genetic disorder as the recipient. Most wire blood finance institutions glaze over this, but it’s important to understand that the odds of using wire blood for the same child are much lower than the chances of using them for a sibling.
  • Generally, cord blood can only be applied to take care of children up to 65 pounds. This is because there simply aren’t enough stem cells on average in a single unit of cord blood to take care of a grown-up.  Through our Cable Bloodstream 2.0 technology, we have been able to collect up to twice as many stem cells as the industry average.  Getting more stem cells escalates the chance of having the ability to treat someone later in life.
  • The North American Pediatric Association in 2008 advised that physicians recommend that cord blood be donated instead of kept privately for family individuals. Among the major proponents because of this was Joanne Kurtzberg, who profited out of this by getting funding for her open public cord blood standard bank at Duke School. She has since started out her own private cable blood loan provider after doing more research on Cerebral Palsy. Interesting.